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Lower Broadway

Most all of Nashville's honky-tonks are located in downtown Nashville on Lower Broadway and this is where most self-respecting Country Music Fans will go at least once in their lives. Most all of these bars are free most of the time but occasionally you will be charged a cover charge, but it's really a rarity.


There are a dozen honky-tonks on Lower Broadway, and a dip into any of them will offer up a better-than-average band (this is Music City, after all) and a lesson in Classic Country 101. Smaller acts play during the day to loyal lunch crowds. At night, the tables in the front get pushed back to make room for dancing, which is a lot more fun after a $2 can or two of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Be sure to drop a buck in when they pass around the big glass pickle jar—bands play for tips.


The sheer number of wannabe songwriters gigging in Nashville means you can wander into any hole-in-the-wall club and see a gifted artist performing. Lower Broadway is the best place to seek out one of these aspiring Johnny Cashes.


When it's not hosting a hair-band revival or a country-music showcase, the Wildhorse Saloon is considered one of Nashville's best spots for learning the two-step and taking part in group line dancing. Every night, professional hoofers lead several 30-minute dance lessons that are free with the cover charge. Come with a partner or seek one out on the 3,300-square-foot wooden dance floor. Random fact: The largest TV screen in Nashville falls from the ceiling to broadcast major sporting events—good thing the area behind the dance floor is filled with couches and easy chairs.



Cumberland River Cruises

Relax with Cumberland River Cruises featuring Scenic Pontoon Boat FALL COLOR , Nature, Home, Private and Sunset Tours. Most tours will depart from Cherokee Steak House and Marina in Lebanon TN, but other arrangements may be made for Private parties. Lebanon is just east of Nashville TN, on Old Hickory Lake.

The Vessel "Discovery" will carry up to 26 passengers. Water and soft drinks provided.

Operating Thurs thru Sunday: 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00 (times change as the sunset time changes, so that the last cruise is a sunset cruise). Prices are $14 for adults and $6 for children age 6 to 12 for approximately a 1-1/2 hour cruise. 5 and under free when accompanied by a paying adult.

Seniors Welcome: $11 for seniors (as long as you don't run on the docks).

Make plans to CRUISE WITH US for an Old Hickory Lake boat tour and enjoy an awesome meal at Cherokee.